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Shanghai Aurora Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , (high tech enterprises, Minhang District Science and technology giant) located in Shanghai Minhang District Caohejing Pujiang high tech Park (Building 2, 760 Xinjun Ring Road, Minhang District). With 9600 square meters of research and development site and world-class advanced research and development facilities, mainly engaged in the research and development of pharmaceutical projects and process optimization, the company provides excellent experimental environment, first-class analytical equipment and harmonious working atmosphere. We attach great importance to the training of personnel and the growth of employees. We control the reaction process accurately with the concept of quantification. We also have a fully equipped pilot scale-up platform for technology amplification. The company has a number of universities and research institutes, including East China University of science and technology, Fudan University, China Pharmaceutical University, Zhejiang University, and organic Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. See Details
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Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Yuanshi five before
Phone: 021-64762057
Fax: 021-64762058
Zip Code: 200231
Address: Huajing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 1305, Lane 8, Room 401, 1